The Robstown Cottonpickers lost another close game Friday night against the Moody Trojans, 14-7. It was the Cottonpickers' third straight loss since shutting out the Laredo LBJ Wolves in week zero.

"We've had a chance to win all three of those games," Robstown head coach Doug Wood said. "We just need to quit making dumb mistakes at the end of the game."

With the score tied 7-7 at the end of the third quarter, the Trojans were at their own 40-yard line. As soon as the fourth quarter began, Moody running back Nick Hinojosa made the game-breaking play of the night avoiding every Robstown defender and charging to the end zone for a 60-yard touchdown run. Hinojosa ran for 154 yards in the game.

In the first quarter, the Cottonpickers' defense stepped up as Moody quarterback Christian Gallegos threw an interception to Jacob Garcia and Robstown took possession at their own 28-yard line.

After Robstown running back Jovan Villanueva had three straight rushes for a combined 47 yards, the Cottonpickers found themselves in Moody territory at the 30-yard line. Unable to convert the first down, Robstown went for it on fourth and nine.

Sophomore quarterback Joe Mungia got sacked by the Trojans' Jacobey Stafford as the Cottonpickers failed to make anything off Gallegos' interception.

It continued to be a back-and-forth defensive battle at the end of the first quarter, as both Robstown and Moody were held scoreless.

In the second quarter, the Trojans held the ball for nine plays leading up to forth and five from the Cottonpicker 31-yard line.

Gallegos threw a pass to a wide-open Jesse Mesa who dropped the ball in the end zone as Moody was still scoreless.

The first half lasted only 43 minutes as the Cottonpickers and the Trojans headed to the locker rooms with no score at halftime.

Moody had first possession of the ball as the second half began.

The Trojans showed their determination to get to the end zone as they held the ball for a 16-play drive that lasted 6:27. The drive included two fourth down conversions.

On fourth and 10 at the Robstown 10-yard line, Gallegos threw a pass to a double-covered Mesa who held on to the ball this time in the end zone.

Moody finally put some points on the board, 7-0, midway through the third quarter.

Robstown made quick work of their next possession as Villanueva ran the ball to Moody's 19-yard line. Mungia kept the ball himself and ran it in for a 19-yard touchdown to tie the game up at 7-7.

The Cottonpickers scored on a three-play drive that lasted 1:21.

After Moody scored in the fourth quarter, Robstown put together a long 12-drive possession to the Moody 17-yard line.

On fourth and eight, Robstown running back Jordan Carter tried to convert the first down late in the fourth quarter, but fumbled the ball, which was recovered by Stafford, sealing the game for the Trojans.

"I know this team believes they can win," Wood said. "I see it in their faces; they just have to stay mentally focused so we don't beat ourselves."

With the loss, Robstown falls to 1-3 with one game left in non-district play against the Sinton Pirates. Sinton is currently 0-3 and has averaged just two points a game so far this season. Last year, the Cottonpickers beat the Pirates on the road, 17-7.

This time around, the two will meet at Robstown this Friday at 7:30 p.m. at Cottonpicker Field.