Tragedy struck at the ballpark in San Angelo when a local woman died after being struck by a line drive on Friday.

Wendy Whitehead, 39, died the next day at San Angelo's Shannon Medical Center from a traumatic brain injury.

She and her husband, Dr. William Whitehead, were sitting past the dugout along the third base line when she was struck by the line drive in the eighth inning.

United League Baseball officials Byron Pierce and John Bryant, as well as Colts general manager Mike Babcock and field manager Doc Edwards all offered their condolences to the family.

League Notes

The Coastal Bend Thunder on Monday were 7-11 and the Broncos were 6-12.

WhiteWings Javis Diaz retained the league lead in hitting with a .437 mark, followed by Josh Collazos of San Angelo, who was at an even .400.

Others include:

Mike Goss, Coastal Bend, .389; Felix Molina, Edinburg, .388; Joaquin Rodriguez and Carlos Figuuroa, both of Amarillo, each at .377; Adam De La Cruz, Amarillo, .364.

Manny Mejia, Coastal Bend, leads in RBIs, with 20, followed by Jason Landreth, San Angelo, 18; Salvador Paniagua and Eric Gonzalez, both of Rio Grande Valley, Carlos Figueroa and Joaquin Rodriguez, both of Amarillo, each with 17.

Ronald Lowe of Amarillo has a 2.50 ERA, followed by Standley, 2.75; Haines, 2.79; Mark DiBirnardo, 3.10; and Aaron Guerra, 3.14, all of Edinburg; and David Cross, Rio Grande Valley, 3.20.

Santos Hernandez of Laredo has the most strikeouts, 32, followed by Ezequil Astacio, San Angelo, with 30.

Upcoming games include:

Wednesday and Thursday

Edinburg at Coastal Bend

Friday through Monday (June 21)

Laredo at Coastal Bend

Wednesday (June 23) Saturday (June 26)

Coastal Bend at San Angelo

Sunday (June 27) through Wednesday (June 30)

Amarillo at Coastal Bend