Dr. Bill Tinsley of WorldConnex provided key Christian insight to more than 70 people at Calallen Baptist Church for a missions banquet Feb. 16.

The "Go Tell" banquet was organized to focus on the new ideology in missions: to find unique qualities of the local church then use those skills and strengths to reach out "from the front door to the ends of the earth," Tinsley said. "Connecting strengths to where there are weaknesses."

Crystal Carter and Tara Jones offered insight of their own on helping others, sharing the experiences they had during a recent mission trip to Cinco de Febrero, Mexico. "It's important and rewarding to help," they echoed.

Rob Rolison of Past the Edge Ministries followed them with a report on the state of his missionary efforts at Cinco de Febrero, a small Mexican village where he sees great strides in Christian growth. Two villagers were to make the trip, but were unable to cross the border in time for the banquet.

"Don't just ask God to send you," Rolison said. "Ask Him whether or not you should go, then allow Him to lead in that direction."

"We need people in the field, but we also need prayer warriors," he added.

Carol Lindquist, Education Minister at Calallen, had taken courses under Tinsley at South Texas School of Christian Studies, Logsdon theological Seminary. She immediately thought of Dr. Tinsley when the banquet idea was mentioned.

"He has a great heart for missions," she said. "I felt that right away in our class, he understands the need, the mission."

Working through a list of "New Realities," Tinsley covered topics that included: how connected today's world is through technology, the global impact on economic issues-manufacturing, exporting, and production, how populations are migrating from country to country, considering that "there are 1 million Asian people living in Brazil," and Christianity's center shifting in terms of location- no longer is it the United States or Europe but moving south of the equator.

Dr. Tinsley emphasized the need to recognize the strength or skill sets individuals offer within a congregation. Once identified, these resources are pooled to address needs in the local community or internationally, and to connect those areas of need with solutions- like the assistance Calallen already offers to Cinco de Febrero through Past the Edge Ministries.

"Churches are the frontline," he said. "Go out your door and you are in a mission field."

"Use your in-house expertise to reach out to those who need it," he added.

"WorldConneX helps churches send their own people for long-term overseas ministry. WorldConneX Front Line Services connects churches with the best resources to prepare and send them on mission trips-resources like insurance solutions, answers to tax questions, retirement account possibilities, travel documentation and health information, training for overseas living and ministry, options for financial support / support raising, and others," from their website.