Calallen High School's boys and girls track teams, along with the Tuloso-Midway gils track team, won the District 31-4A championship at the district track meet, held Thursday and Friday at the school.

For the boys, it was the third time to win the district championship. This year they also won the following meets: Alice, Texas A&MUniversity-Kingsville, Robstown, Calallen Wildcat Relays and Beeville.

For the girls, it was the third time to win the district championship, though this year, they are sharing the crown with Tuloso-Midway. Throughout the year Calallen garnered 308 metals and won meets at Robstown and Alice, as well as District 31-4A.

Athletes placing first through third will be advancing to Regionals in San Antonio May 3 and 4 at Alamo Stadium.

Both teams will be in action this weekend at a Regional Qualifiers Meet in Laredo.

District 31-4A Track and Field Results

The following are Calallen and Tuloso-Midway's individual results from the District 31-4A track and field meet at Calallen High School's Wildcats Stadium:


Team standings - 1, Calallen; 2, Tuloso-Midway.

3,200-meter run - 1, Shelby Pesek, Calallen; 2, Kasey Alphin, T-M3,

Maddie Matula, Calallen; 4, Amber Scott, Calallen.

400-meter relay - 2, Calallen (Katie Baker, Victoria Freeman, Emily

Sacky, Haley Brandt); 6, T-M.

800-meter run - 1, Samantha Reiter, Calallen; 4, Ashley Tracey, T-M; 5,

Dana Russell, Calallen.

100-meter hurdles - 1, Leslie Cluiss, T-M; 2, Amberly Wooden, Calallen;

5, Christina Hirko, Calallen.

800-meter relay - 1, Calallen (Katie Baker, Victoria Freeman, Emily

Sacky, Alejandra Villarreal); 2, T-M (Ashley Elizondo, Leslie Cluiss,

Desarae Hinojosa, Alejandra Villarreal).

400-meter dash - 1, Kirsten Schwirtlich, T-M; 3, Ashley Valdez, T-M.

300-meter hurdles - 2, Shelby Pesek, Calallen; 4, Ashley Elizondo, T-M;

6, Mary Keenan.

200-meter dash - 1, Leslie Cluiss, T-M, 2, Katie Baker, Calallen; 5,

Victoria Freeman, Calallen.

1,600-meter run - 1, Mary Keenan, Calallen; 2, Kasey Alphin, T-M; 5,

Danielle De La Paz, Calallen; 6. Ashley Tracey, T-M.

1,600-meter relay - 2, T-M (Ashley Valdez, Ashley Elizondo, Kirsten

Schwirtlich, Alejandra Villarreal); 4, Calallen.

Discus - 1, Victoria Galaviz, T-M; 2, Ashley Grant, T-M.

High jump - 4, Kirsten Sshwirtlich, T-M.

Long jump - 3, Kirtsen Schwirtlich, T-M.

Pole vault - 1, Hayley Brandt, Calallen; 2, Reba Nix, Calallen; 4, Tori

Najver, T-M.

Shot put - 1, Meagan Muniz, T-M; 2, Victoria Galaviz, T-M; 3, Ashley

Grant, T-M; 6, December Holladay.


Team standings - 1, Calallen; 4, T-M.

3,200-meter - 1, Allen Valdez, Calallen.

400-meter relay - 1, T-M (Joe Franco, Richard Harper, Kenny Smith, Ryan

Reeder); 3, Calallen (Collin Murray, Collin Simpson, Copper Storm,

Christian Stiles).

800-meter run - 2, Jerry Cantu, Calallen; 6, Anthony Martinez,


100-meter hurdles - 4, Rey Rivera, Calallen.

100-meter dash - 1, Ryan Reeder, T-M; 2, Ben Wright, Calallen' 5,

Richard Harper, T-M.

800-meter relay - 2, Calallen (Ben McVeigh, Tanner Sparks, Ben Wright,

Cooper Storm); 5, T-M.

400-meter dash - 1, Will Ford, Calallen; 3, Bryan McClendon, Calallen;

4, Rogelio Santiago, Calallen.

300-meter hurdles - 1, Given McClure, Calallen; 5, Jonathan Rivera,


200-meter dash - 2, Ryan Reeder, T-M; 4, Ben McVeigh, Calallen.

1,600-meter dash - 3, Allen Valdez, Calallen.

1,600-meter relay - 1, Calallen (Bryan McLendon, Ben Wright, Ben

McVeigh, Tanner Sparks); 6, T-M.

Discus - 1, Steven Polk; 2, Cody Morris; 6, Andrew Shows, Calallen.

High jump - 1, Terrance J. Harris, Calallen; Ben McVeigh, Calallen.

Long jump - 2, Hunter Whetsel, Calallen; 3, Ben McVeigh, Calallen; 4,

Ryan Reeder, T-M; 5, Marcus Price, Calallen.

Pole vault - 1, Given McClure, Calallen; 3, Lupe Salinas, Calallen; 4,

Hayden Wood, Calallen; 5, Ruben Galaviz, T-M.

Shot put - 3, Osaki Benibo, Calallen; 5, Andrew Shows, Calallen.

Triple jump - 1, Hunter Whetsel, Calallen; 3, Terrance J. Harris,

Calallen; 5, Carl Rasmusson, Calallen.