Two area powerhouses left their mark on the Texas High School Powerlifting Association State Meet last weekend in Abilene, with the Calallen High School Boys Powerlifting team placing sixth and the Tuloso-Midway High School Boys Powerlifting team placing 15th.

Calallen's Gabriel Longoria finished second place in the 181-pound weight class. His numbers include a 630-pound squat, a 330-pound bench press and a 550-pound dead lift, for a total of 1,510 pounds at the meet. Longoria also received the Outstanding Dead Lifter Award at the state meet and a $1,000 scholarship from the THSPA.

His teammate, Thomas Soto, a sophomore, came in third in the 114-pound weight class. He posted numbers of 395 pounds in the squat, 195 pounds in the bench press and 415 pounds in the deadlift, for a total of 1,010 pounds.

Brandon Castillo placed 11th for Calallen in the 181-pound division, with a 525-pound squat, a 330-pound bench press and a 510-pound dead lift, for a total of 1,365 pounds.

"I thought they did a really great job. The team finished sixth out of 101 teams in the 4A and 5A divisions. This is about what we've seen over the last few years, always in the top ten," Calallen High School Powerlifting Coach Joel De La Paz said. "It was a tough weekend and a lot of other schools had a rough time. We fought through and did well. We expected them to go there and perform how they do in practice, and they did a really good job."

On the Tuloso-Midway Boys Powerlifting Team, Andres Castellanos, in the 220-pound weight class, completed a 660-pound squat, 345-pound bench press and 630-pound dead lift to win second place at the state meet.

T-M lifter D'Marco Smith, in the 242-pound weight class, placed fifth with a 680-pound squat, a 375-pound bench press and a 540-pound deadlift. Andy Mohl took eighth place at the meet in the 165-pound weight class with a squat of 500 pounds, a bench press of 325 pounds and a deadlift of 470 pounds. Stevin Leal, in the 165-pound weight class, squatted 550 pounds.

T-M High School Powerlifting Coach John Livas said the Tuloso Midway boys team had a very successful year, placing in the top two teams at every powerlifting meet this year, with seven boys qualifying for the regional powerlifting meet in Weslaco. The T-M Boys team finished sixth at the regional meet.

"We had a great group of hard working young men this year," Livas said. "I really appreciate all the dedication and work ethic they gave to the team."