As the month of November ended, so did the inaugural season of the Crude City Roller Derby' 3rd Coast Offenders. The team finished the season undefeated.

According to league president Tricia Galvan, who skates for the Offenders under the name Stormy Daze, the team originally wasn't going to play any games this past season since they were in the process of training their skaters, many of whom were new to roller-skating much less roller derby.

"It takes six to eight months to train fully for this sport," Galvan said. "But our girls progressed quickly in the training, so we were able to play three bouts this season."

The Offenders played home bouts against Texas teams from Dallas and Beaumont, as well as a team from Oklahoma, claiming victory in all three matches.

"We were very proud of that last bout (against Oklahoma)," Galvan said. "The final score was 167-41."

The Offenders' next season will be a full schedule. Starting in March, the team will play in one home game a month through September.

The games will be played at the Richard M. Borchard Regional Fairgrounds.

"If we have good attendance numbers come September, we might play another game in October," Galvan said.

When fans attend the bouts next year, Galvan said they should notice some improvements in the arena, including air conditioning and tiered seating.

"It was just single, flat one-level seating," Galvan said. "Next season, the fans won't be sweating and will actually be able to see a bit more."

Galvan also said that the league is always looking for volunteers that want to join.

"We can teach anyone to play this sport," Galvan said. "It's a very diverse sport for women, too. Once you're in the fishnets and short-shorts, you can't tell who's a doctor or who's a nurse."

Galvan said the team trains year-round, but warns that the sport is very physical.

"The surface you see when you walk in to the building is what we play on," Galvan said. "We don't have padded flooring."

Anyone interested in joining the league as a skater, referee or volunteer should visit the league's web site at or send an email to