The Calallen Lady Wildcats took a commanding lead early on against the Alice Coyotes on the court and never looked back, sweeping the series in three last Friday night, 25-8, 25-15, 25-7.

Calallen came into the game with 10 seniors on its roster. As Calallen head coach Linda Lindsey remarked after the game, the difficult part in preparing for the game was trying to get all of her seniors the amount of time they both wanted and needed on the court.

“It's difficult at best. Our second five could easily start at a lot of other schools,” Lindsey said.

It certainly showed as the game progressed. Frequently rotating her players in and out, the Lady Wildcats took the lead early on in the first game, holding Alice to only eight points.

The process was much the same in the second game, with a halt to the action following an injury by Lady Coyote Stephany Canales-Garza, who rolled awkwardly on her foot, causing a compound fracture of her right ankle. Canales-Garza was on the court more than 15 minutes, before EMS was able to take her by stretcher off the court. Her exit was followed by applause from both sides of the gym, as a credit to the injured player and a show of good sportsmanship.

The Coyotes attempted to use that renewed energy to stage a comeback late in the second game, but the Lady Wildcat lead was too far ahead to surpass, ending in a 25-15 victory.

Calallen’s Kiersten Dowty and Emily Sacky had 18 and 11 digs for the night, respectively. Harper Hans led with 13 assists, followed by Jordan Roberts with 11.

With those kinds of numbers, the third match ended in much the same fashion with a 25-7 win.

Alice head coach Missy Gonzalez said she was very proud of her team's efforts that night. “They played hard. It’s tough when a teammate goes down,“ Gonzalez said. “They played their best out there. They never gave up.”

Lindsey said her players tried to work on more verbalization during this matchup, which is one area she admits, the team needs to work. As seniors, her team has the majority of talent and experience, but at times, mistakes can still be made.

“They did much better in the second and third game, when it came to being verbal,” Lindsey said. “We're working to try and speed up the offense.”

Jordan Roberts had four aces for the night, followed by Kiersten Dowty with three. In kills, Katie Baker had five, while Whitney Cornett had three.