Suspended Robstown ISD head baseball coach Steve Castro received an official reprimand from the District 31-3A UIL Executive Committee Monday, and his future with the district remains uncertain.

Troy Mircovich, Superintendent of Ingelside ISD and executive director of the District 31-3A UIL Committee, issued the letter of reprimand Monday. In that letter, Mircovich confirmed that a violation of UIL rules did take place when Castro allowed non-district employees to participate in batting practice before a tournament on Feb. 26.

No further action was taken by the UIL committee. The committee's decision was reached after a hearing held last Thursday in Ingleside.

Athletic Director Doug Wood presented information at that hearing on behalf of Robstown ISD regarding the violations. Castro did not attend the hearing, but his wife, Phyllis Castro, spoke on his behalf.

On Tuesday, Interim-RISD Superintendent Alphonso Obregon said the reprimand should not affect the district or team any further.

"This reprimand was on Coach Castro and on Coach Castro only. It didn't have any effect on the team or the district," Obregon said. "It does have an effect on Castro's performance, therefore his suspension as coach will remain."

Obregon also said Castro has filed a grievance with the school district against Robstown High School Principal Julio Rangel and Wood. A hearing on that grievance was scheduled to be held at 3 p.m. Wednesday. If Castro is not satisfied with the outcome of that hearing, he will then be able to file a grievance to be heard before the board of trustees, Obregon said.

Obregon also said an internal investigation into Castro's association with a booster club has concluded. Castro's contract with the district has not yet been renewed for next year, and Obregon said he expects to have a recommendation on possible action regarding that contract available for the board in the next two weeks.