Texas writer releases the fourth series to Tumbleweed Saga: "Nueces Blood"

Robin Bradshaw
Nueces Country Record Star
Nueces Blood Book Release

Nueces Blood: Texans Prepare for War, the fourth of the Tumbleweed Sagas authored by fifth-generation Texan author Mark Greathouse, was released today by Defiance Press & Publishing, LLC in print, audio, and eBook and is available from all popular online retailers.

Greathouse delivers historical fiction with an edgy, fast-paced style. A life-long student of history, he is inspired by his special affection for Texas grounded in several generations of his own Texas ancestors, and he draws upon extensive research from library archives, family narratives, interviews, old newspaper articles, and more. While Greathouse makes his home in south-central Pennsylvania, he travels to the American west and especially Texas several times a year for hands-on research toward capturing the very essence of the west.

Greathouse explains, “We’re hoping that Nueces Blood lassos readers in like a longhorn at roundup, as it continues the epic adventures of Texas Ranger Captain Luke Dunn whose life continues to be forever etched into the near endless prairies of the Nueces Strip of 1860. My Tumbleweed Sagas capture the spirit of the old west that’s embedded deep in the DNA of today’s Americans. I invite my readers to vicariously experience blood-churning action, plot twists and turns, and just enough romance to make a church lady blush. I’ve striven to ‘rewire’ the western genre novel, weaving history, action, passion, and of course justice with a raw edginess and action-oriented style that modern readers across multiple demographics can wrap themselves around.”

With his signature Tumbleweeds Sagas, Greathouse strives to leave readers asking themselves how they might have fared as settlers of the frontier? Would they have brought order to chaos, cleared a wilderness, defended themselves well against threats, forged a birthright of peace and plenty, safeguarded freedom? Greathouse is available for entertainingly informative interviews as well as book signings, author talks, fireside chats, and readings for book sellers, groups, businesses, and schools.

Greathouse is a member of Western Writers of America as well as several poetry organizations. He enjoyed a successful business career before turning to writing full time.