The Nueces County Medical Society is urging residents to use caution during the holidays

Robin Bradshaw
Nueces Country Record Star

The Nueces County Medical Society issued a public health warning urging Nueces County residents to use caution when planning holiday events this year.

The press release states the Coastal Bend has not achieved ‘herd’ immunity from COVID-19, so one or more outbreaks are likely to occur before a vaccine is available to everyone who needs one. Some family gatherings have resulted in several of the family members dying from COVID-19.

Modeling Daily COVID-19 Cases in the Coastal Bend

Please consider this information when planning for holiday traditions this year. 

  • This 2020 holiday season is the one such season where a serious decision should be considered to cancel gatherings and social plans altogether, including office holiday parties, family gatherings in the home; and, any indoor gatherings where people with whom you do not live, will be present.
  • This is not business as usual. This is not a normal year. For example, Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institutes of Health canceled his own Thanksgiving plans to avoid spreading or contracting COVID-19.
  •  If we can make some sacrifices just this one year in our holiday plans, it will ensure many more years of happy memories to be made.
  •  Even if you do not cancel your plans altogether, there are definitely safer ways to host gatherings, including having the gathering outdoors, seating guests from the same household together; wearing masks; socially distancing; refraining from hugs/kisses; having hand sanitizer set up on each table; serving each guest at the table rather than having the guests come to serve themselves using common serving bowls, etc.

Making decisions with these facts in mind will likely result in lives being saved or lost right here in the Coastal Bend this holiday season.

Projected COVID-19 Inpatients in the Coastal Bend