The Heart Gallery of South Texas is presenting an online virtual reveal for November's National Adoption Month

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Monday evening will be the opening of the 16th Annual Heart Gallery of South Texas, as November is National Adoption Month. The evening event is being hosted by the Nueces Child Welfare Foundation Inc. This year’s Heart Gallery event will be presented online as a virtual reveal, for reasons of COVID 19 safety precautions, versus the traditional public gathering.  

The public event begins, Monday, November 16th, 2020 at 6:00 PM online at;

The annual Heart Gallery of South Texas is an ongoing collaboration between DFPS, and our South Texas community partners, who are using their time & talents to help adoptable children connect with a forever family. The photographs are just a small reflection of the thousands of children statewide who are seeking to become part of their forever family.

In the last few months, photographers met with children from South Texas for a photoshoot, in one of three South Texas locations to capture their images for the 16th Annual Heart Gallery South Texas.

The Heart Gallery is an annual statewide collaboration with community partners to help promote community awareness of the need for adoptive parents around the region and state.  In South Texas, Heart Gallery's will be featured in Brownsville, Laredo, and McAllen, as part of the adoption awareness campaign for National Adoption Awareness Month.

This year’s Heart Gallery features:

29 children,

5 sibling groups,

11 boys,

18 girls,

21 teenagers.

South Texas stats

South Texas Children who are seeking to become part of their forever family: 231 Children. (State of Texas: 2,909 Children)

South Texas Children who were adopted into their forever family in FY 2020: 242 Children. (State of Texas: 5,238 Children)

South Texas Children/sibling groups are 0- 17 years of age.

Minimum age to foster/adopt in Texas: 21 years old, single or married, rent or own home.

More information about adoption can be found at the state's adoption information web site:  or by calling 1-800-233-3405.

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