Nueces County Deputies offer support to local cooperative members during winter storm

Nueces Country Record Star

ROBSTOWN – During February’s historic winter storm, many local organizations showed incredible kindness and encouragement to not only Nueces Electric Cooperative (NEC) crews but to their members as well.

As NEC members experienced widespread power outages and freezing temperatures, two deputies from the Nueces County Sheriff’s office offered support to their community during this unforgettable hardship. Braving icy roads and freezing temperatures, NEC crews worked tirelessly during the winter storm to restore power to members across 3,600 square miles of service territory. Throughout the event, NEC lineworkers showed courage, strength, and passion — and this did not go unnoticed. All other NEC employees were either reporting to offices or working remotely to address member’s questions and provide restoration support.

On the morning of Wednesday Feb. 17, the Nueces County Patrol Division was tasked with patrolling the unincorporated areas of the NEC service areas that potentially were affected by the winter weather and mandated outages.

Deputy Delissa Villareal and Corporal Gabriel Garcia

Corporal Gabriel Garcia stepped up with a high-level of ingenuity by suggesting that he and his recruit Deputy Delissa Villareal go by NEC’s headquarters office to obtain a map of the power outages in the area. His suggestion was brought on so he would be able to pinpoint the members who were impacted the most. Cpl. Garcia and Deputy Villareal contacted multiple members in Nueces County that day who were without power making sure they were okay and safe.

“There are no words to express our gratitude to everyone who has shown support to our NEC team within these past few weeks,” said Varzavand “Avan” Irani, NEC CEO, “Thank you to the Nueces County Sheriff’s office and their deputies for their support shown to our members during February’s polar vortex. It truly matters.”

Lastly, NEC would like to thank its members and their community for each of their continued support, patience, and understanding through this historic winter storm.

This event created many challenges for all of us, but NEC is grateful to have powered through it together. NEC encourages all members to follow local news sources, the NEC Facebook page, as well as the NEC website for updates and the aftermath of the winter storm.