County officials create innovative approaches for mental health


Nueces County Hospital District, County Leadership, Nueces Center for Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities Fund, Create New Innovative Approaches for Mental Health, Substance Abuse Treatment

CORPUS CHRISTI – The Nueces County Hospital District Board of Managers recently voted to expand upon the unique community collaborative partnership that provides new and innovative programming for persons struggling with mental illness and substance dependence in Nueces County.

Developed by and between Nueces Center for Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities (MHID), Nueces County, Nueces County Sheriff’s Office and Nueces County Hospital District, these new programs will provide an enhanced level of support and collaboration to address the growing mental health needs for the citizens of Nueces County.

Nueces County leadership, spearheaded by County Judge Barbara Canales, continue to work to ensure equity and access to critical services for our communities most vulnerable. These services are at the cutting edge of mental health care approaches and represent an innovative and never before seen level of partnership and integration across multiple agencies. Existing programming from this initiative has already saved in excess of $7.4 million (estimated). The new programs being developed are as follows.

Forensic Assertive Community Treatment

An intensive interdisciplinary treatment service designed to improve clients’ mental health outcomes and daily functioning; diverts individuals in need of treatment away from the criminal justice system; manages costs by reducing reoccurring arrest, incarceration, and hospitalization; and increases public safety. The team will work closely with the jail, the court system and law enforcement to engage, enroll, and provide intensive outpatient services and supports to individuals frequently interacting with law enforcement who require a great deal of support to achieve recovery and stability in the community.

Crisis Intervention Team Expansion

Continues and expands upon services funded by MHID and provided by MHID Crisis Intervention Teams operated in partnership with Corpus Christi Police Department and the Nueces County Sheriff’s Department. Program pairs law enforcement with MHID mental health professionals and serves to provide access to mental health treatment for persons at the point of interaction with law enforcement.

Walk-In Crisis Clinic

Provides for on demand access to a prescribing psychiatric service provider along with case management, skills training, and psychosocial rehabilitation services to ameliorate non emergent crisis’ that would otherwise result in inpatient care or further interaction with law enforcement. The walk in clinic can serve as a diversion point/drop off location for law enforcement and provides rapid access and enrollment in psychiatric crisis services.

About the Nueces Center for Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities:

Established in 1969, the Nueces Center for Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities is dedicated to helping the residents of Nueces County living with mental illness and/or intellectual and developmental disabilities. Each year the center serves over 8,204 people with job search, medication, counseling, and benefit support services. For more information, please visit, or visit us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @NCMHID.