Robstown cotton grower receives top award for high Stoneville yields

Melissa Cantu Trevino
Nueces Country Record Star

Ben and Leslie Gwynn with Ben Gwynn Farms were again recognized for hard-earned yields as part of BASF’s Stoneville® Legacy Club™. For the fifth year, the Legacy Club celebrated cotton growers like the Gwynns who, despite unprecedented times, proved their ability to grow high-quality, high-yielding Stoneville cotton.

Forty growers, including Ben Gwynn Farms, earned memberships to the Legacy Club and were honored for harvest yields in the top 10 percent of their states. Ben Gwynn Farms qualified in the dryland division, harvesting 1,474 pounds of Stoneville cotton per acre – which won the farm the top dryland yield for the Southwest region.

“In a year unlike any other, our growers have truly demonstrated what it means to be ‘Stoneville Strong,’” said Rachel Walters, Cottonseed Marketing Manager at BASF. “Their resiliency and commitment to quality, combined with Stoneville’s modern germplasm, custom varieties and extensive trait choices resulted in outstanding yield performance. As always, we are grateful for the opportunity to partner with these growers and recognize their accomplishments.”

To qualify for the Stoneville Legacy Club, growers must have planted 100% Stoneville cotton seed on at least 20 qualifying acres from January 1–December 31, 2020. To view a complete list of winners and learn more about how to qualify for the 2020 Stoneville Legacy Club, visit

Ben Gwynn (right) with Ben Gwynn Farms is recognized for his high yields alongside BASF Agronomic Solutions Advisor Butch Roecker (left) as part of the Stoneville Legacy Club. Ben Gwynn Farms also received the top award in the dryland division for highest yield in the Southwest region.