Letter to taxpayers

Nueces Country Record Star

Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19 and our commitment to keep our employees and the taxpayers as safe as we can, we will not be having our satellite workshops in various locations in the county as we have in the past. We look forward to resuming this service once conditions change and we can do so safely. Additionally, our office will remain closed to the public and all Appraisal Review Board hearings will be by telephone conference as they were last year. If you file a protest, please carefully read the procedures required for a telephone conference protest hearing.

In spite ofo what people may have thought, the pandemic did create a seller's market and increased the sales volumes and sale prices. Please be prepared to submit and present any evidence that might be helpful in making any adjustments to the market value to your property. Commercial building activity continued during the pandemic and rental rates in some areas have increased. If you are protesting the value of a commercial property, please be prepared to provide the income and expense data and any other evidence that the NCDA appraisers or the ARB will need an adjustment to commercial property's value.

Many protests are able to be resolved informally without the need for a formal ARB hearing. We encourage you to reach out to our appraisers by calling 361-881-9978. Our call center operators will take your information and forward it to the appropriate department and an appraiser will return your call.


Ramiro "Ronnie" Canales, RPA, CTA

Nueces County Chief Appraiser