NEC employees hit key safety milestones


Following Nueces Electric Cooperative’s (NEC) mission, safety is a priority, NEC employees recently celebrated one year with no lost time. NEC has also approached one million miles with no vehicular accidents.

“Our last ‘Lost Time’ injury was March 30, 2020, so it took us one year to reach this milestone,” said Joe Huerta III, NEC’s Safety and Loss Control Manager. That is 365 days without anyone losing work hours to an injury. And as of May 6, 2021, NEC has driven 1,000,008 miles without a vehicle incident.

“Safety is a group effort and is a priority, a value and a mindset. I am very proud of our continued focus and commitment to safety. In an economy in which we are committed to being as efficient, productive, and safe as possible, this achievement is all the more notable,” Huerta said.

“This is an important achievement that illustrates how seriously our teammates are committed to safety,” Huerta said. “I’m very proud of our continued focus and commitment on safety.”

Huerta is confident that NEC will continue to remain focused on safety. He added that safety is the top priority, followed by member focus and operational excellence.

In the process of delivering reliable and efficient electricity to our member-owners, NEC wants every employee to return home safely to their families. Team members combine proper training and techniques with diligence and concern for others to perform their duties efficiently and safely. Without NEC employees, serving their membership is impossible. NEC has continually emphasized safety and has developed a culture where everyone has a say in safety.

“It’s that focus and commitment by each of our employees that allows all of us to return home to our families, safe and sound every night. Our dedication to excellence in safety is beneficial to our entire cooperative,” says NEC Chief Executive Officer Varzavand “Avan” Irani, I invite our members and our community to join me in congratulating our employees on this achievement.”