Robstown police chief steps down due to medical issue

Robin Bradshaw
Nueces Country Record Star

Robstown Police Chief Enrique G. Paredez Jr. recently announced his resignation as Chief of Police for the City of Robstown.

The resignation stems from a battle with melanoma cancer.

Paredez who took his oath in February 2020 has been a long-time police officer in Robstown.

"At the present time, this illness does not allow me to be 100 percent to the police department and the citizens of Robstown as I know I should be and that is why it is best to step down," Chief Paredez said.

Paredez will resume a lieutenant role at the department and plans to beat his battle with cancer.

"Let me be clear, I am not giving up my fight against this illness," Paredez said. 

"This is an unfortunate set of circumstances," said Mayor Gilbert Gomez. "I have known Chief Paredez for a long time and he is loved in the community. It saddens me to see him step down, but he will still be a part of the department, community. I wish the best in a speedy recovery." 

Enrique G. Paredez Jr. announced his resignation as Chief of Police for the City of Robstown due to medical concerns. He will continue to serve as a lieutenant at the police department.