Fireworks alert family of fire in laundry room: How can you help?

Melissa Cantu Trevino
Nueces Country Record Star

BANQUETE - The sound of fireworks popping woke up Veronica Lopez in time to get her children and pets out of their house before it was fully engulfed in flames.

Banquete family loves home in fire.

On Monday, June 14, Lopez and her two children were asleep at their home on Pearl Street when she heard the sound of fireworks popping. She knew her husband stored fireworks, from the last holiday, in the laundry room she rushed to investigate, Lopez said.

"I ran to the back, saw the smoke, saw a small orange hue, but I didn't know what it was initially," she said. 

Lopez attempted to put the fire out and was successful at first.

"It reignited itself and I shut the laundry door, grabbed the kids and took them outside as far as possible. I went back into the house for our two pets, who were in their kennels, and ran out before calling 9-1-1. EMS and police arrived first. It took the firefighters longer. By the time they arrived the house was (engulfed)."

Lopez believes the fire started due to an electrical issue. Firefighters did not give her a cause.

"There was a lot of fireworks back there. At first I blamed the fireworks, but now I realize they saved our lives," Lopez said. 

Lopez and her family need help getting on their feet temporarily. They will be staying with her family on 4294 Fourth Street and are humbly asking for clothing donations for her children.

Dominic Scofelia, 3, is in need of size 5/6 clothing and Ali Lopez, 7, is in need of 12/14 clothes. A GoFundMe account has also been set up at:

Help Veronica & her Children after house fire, organized by Emily Rodriguez

Veronica Lopez and her family survived a house fire. They are asking for clothing donations for her children.