Selfless Lovers live at the House of Rock

Robin Bradshaw
Nueces Country Record Star

South Texas native, and musician Nik Parr and his bandmates, from the Selfless Lovers, will return to perform in Corpus Christi Thursday, August 26 at the House of Rock. 

The band has been busy on the road playing not just in Texas but traveling throughout the southern states trying to make their mark in the music world.

"This last tour started on July, 29 and we have played 14 shows in 18 days," Parr said. "COVID has been a challenge because just as we left for the tour to Louisiana the numbers, started to increase and the crowds a little smaller. but we are vaccinated and want to play and have a good time."

"Not to sound conceded but we seem to always draw in standing ovation at the end of most shows and that makes it all worth it," Parr added. 

The Selfless Lovers

Selfless Lovers is a style of rock music that pays homage to the old-school greats like the Rolling Stones and Billy Joel. A style of its own the band is unique with its authenticity and original songs. Check out vocalist Nik Parr on saxophone and keyboard, drums Daniel Warner, guitar Keegan Flynn, and Mishawn Bhakta and bass Auggie Gmitter this Thursday night for a live show. 


Where: House of Rock 511 Starr Street Corpus Christi, TX 78401. 

When:  8:30 p.m Thursday, August, 26. 

Contact: (361) 882-7625 or Facebook page