JWC plans to support an in-depth drainage study with Nueces and Kleberg

Robin Bradshaw

Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales virtually met with the Jim Wells County Court Commissioners on Monday June 8 for support in a very extensive science based drainage study for the region.

The proposal is to join dollars to see how water moves for better flood mitigation control measures, throughout the entire Coastal Bend.

Canales stated, “Water unfortunately does not follow county lines, it makes sense for us to work together and make significant changes and cost effective infrastructure improvements.“

County Commissioners voted and approved a Letter of Support and a Resolution to start the application process for the grant funding for the $2.2 million dollar project study.

After Hurricane Harvey, legislature supported $1.7 billion to the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB), for multiple projects to prepare for the next big storm and alternative water sources. The Nueces Basin study will represent how and where water moves, to prepare and rebuild infrastructure in ways that uses science, so flooding and natural water disasters will be less costly in the long run.

“Baffin Bay is the number one focus for environmental protection at the moment because of the very high nitrogen levels causing a variety of environmental problems,” said Canales. “Since the Nueces Basin encompasses Jim Wells and Kleberg Counties to Baffin Bay, we are looking to join hands for the application for a $2.2 million dollar grant.”

The three counties would be responsible for 25 percent of the study and the TWDB would pay 75 percent.

This is how the funds would be broken down:

Total Project $2,250,000

TWDB Grant Funding of 75 percent: $1,687,500

Application Match for Nueces, Kleberg and Jim Wells Counties of 25 percent combined: $562,200

Proposed Distribution per counties would include:

Nueces County upfront cash contribution of $262,500 and an in- kind contribution of $70,000.

Jim Wells County upfront cash contribution of $50,000 and an in-kind contribution of $30,000.

Kleberg County upfront cash contribution of $100,000 and an in-kind contribution of $50,000.

Note: An in-kind contribution is a non-cash contribution of a good or a service. In-kind services and contributions are valued at their fair market value. In other words, they are valued at what you would pay for them if they were not donated.

What the partnership and study will accomplish:

Determine flooding problems from Baffin Bay and South Corpus Christi Watersheds on a regional basis.

Develop Hydrologic and Hydoraulic models.

Evaluate potential solutions and problems and identify funding solutions on a regional basis.

Being well positioned for grant funding due to the in-depth study to support the issues for the asking grant

Hold a key stakeholder position in regional meetings and discussions