These South Texas artists recreated President Biden's inauguration with kids

Robin Bradshaw
Nueces Country Record Star

A group of South Texas artists came together to create a youth-inspired photo and design event in honor of the  historic presidential inauguration.

Aundrea Victoria Salinas, Micheal Castro, Taylor Molano and Sarah Jane joined forces and recreated the Biden and Harris inauguration with costumes, visual design, and well-recognized Texas backdrops to honor the day they believe is the dawn of a new era. 

Salinas created the costumes, hair and makeup and concept design. Castro was the tech guy in the group with expertise in media and Jane and Molano are well-known photographers. 

Hudson Layne as President Joe Biden and Audrey Pena as Vice President Kamala Harris by Sarah Jane Photography.

"I grew up with a single mom and to see Vice President Kamala Harris as a role model for my daughter is a monumental moment for me," Salinas said. "So much of the norms these days center around beauty and fake body parts. I just want to teach my daughter there's more to a woman than the surface. I also want her to know about strength, integrity and character."  

Salinas noted that Harris also has gave some inspiring words during the 2020 election that stuck with her.

"Her quote was 'Our fight is born out of what we know can be, unburdened by what has been.' she said. "This is the message I want my daughter to know, we can be better then what has been." 

Jane calls San Antonio home but travels throughout the state as an established photographer and is well sought out in the Corpus Christi area for weddings and other projects.

Catalaya Thornton as Amanda Gorman by Taylor Molano.

"This was a special project for the simple fact to raise awareness and hope for our kids," Jane said. "The last four years have been so volatile and as a woman seeing the first woman in the oval office is something to celebrate." 

At 25, Molano  is the youngest in the group and works as a  photographer and artist from Corpus Christi.  

"This past year with COVID-19, the protests and riots have taught me a lot about the importance of being involved in the local and federal government," Molano said. "When I was young I was taught it was taboo to talk politics and I did not pay that much attention, but not anymore my generation is now more informed and we want change." 

"The artistic motivation for me in the project was so important because having the first woman as vice president of color is history in the making for all young girls," Molano added. 

The artistic group experienced minor delays in the project due to the winter storm last month.  They still have plans to recreate the image that launched countless memes of Bernie Sanders and his mittens, along with recreating photos of Jennifer Lopez and many others to finish the portfolio.