City of Robstown appoints interim police chief and city secretary

Robin Bradshaw
Nueces Country Record Star

The City of Robstown held a special city council meeting on Monday, June, 7 to appoint a new interim police chief and city secretary.

The special meeting had city leaders in executive session until close to midnight to determine the new candidates for leadership: Interim Chief Arturo Gonzalez and Beatriz Charo as city secretary.

"We interviewed multiple applicants for the interim police chief and city secretary and all the candidates were capable and strong but unfortunately we could only choose one," Mayor Gilbert Gomez said. "I believe they are the best fit to bring the city forward with the intention to focus on our community and provide a unity in city leadership as we move ahead." 

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City Secretary Beatriz Charo 

Newly appointed Robstown City Secretary Beatriz Charo

Beatriz Charo, a Robstown native, has worked for the City of Robstown for over 15 years. She is the current grants administrator and served as the city secretary’s administrative assistant for 10 years before being promoted to grants administrator. She is a graduate of Robstown High School and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a minor in Business Administration at Texas A&M University – College Station.

"As the new city secretary, I plan to align city plans with the city council and citizens of Robstown's to achieve their goals and address their concerns to move Robstown forward in a positive direction," Charo said. "I have worked for the city for many years and this past year and a half has taught us a lot. I feel we are adaptable to whatever comes our way and look forward to what is to come with new developments for Robstown while maintaining the integrity and intention to serve our local citizens."

Interim Police Chief Arturo Gonzalez 

Robstown Interim Police Chief Arturo Gonzalez

Newly appointed Interim Police Chief Arturo Gonzalez is also a Robstown native with 21 years of law enforcement experience. He has served at the Robstown Police Department for 16 years and was a sergeant of Criminal Investigation before stepping into the new role as chief. 

"I am excited and honored the mayor and City Council trusted me to serve as leadership for the Robstown Police Department I am here to serve the citizens of Robstown and would like the community to I am here for them," Gonzalez said.