Midtown Perk in Alice: The art of a good cup of coffee

Melissa Cantu Trevino
Alice Echo News Journal

What makes a good cup of coffee? Everyone has a different preference on their cup of caffeine they need to get them through the day but one local coffee shop may have figured it out.

Midtown Perk is located inside H-E-B in Alice. It is owned by Jesse and Trisha Villarreal. Jesse is a former  U.S. Marine and Trisha works as a nurse.

Jasmine Trevino, assistant manager, works on a signature latte at Midtown Perk.

Recently, they have seen an influx of customers looking for a cup of coffee that's as unique as they are.

Those loyal customers are also the reason the business has been a success and the reason they won best coffee in the Alice Echo – News Journal's 2021 Readers' Choice Awards, Trisha said.

The couple had been thinking of ways to give back to their community. Someone told Trisha to make a difference in the community a person would have to run for political office, volunteer or open a business. The couple then decided, planned and opened a business.

“We've been here inside H-E-B since December 2020. We were located downtown in 2019 when we opened. We were there all of 2020, amidst COVID. While we sold coffee downtown our main item was frozen yogurt,” Trisha said. “(The) downtown location was really difficult especially because of COVID so we looked for another venue and here we are.”

While Midtown Perk primarily offers coffee, they also cater to non-coffee drinkers and children.

Trisha believes her coffee shop is the only one with an espresso machine in town and the only ones who can provide a customized cup of coffee.

“We get our coffee beans from Bloom City Coffee in Portland. The coffee beans are freshly roosted, which makes a huge difference because they aren't sitting on the shelf for a long time. We ground fresh coffee with every cup and we also have a special blend that you can't find anywhere else,” Trisha said. "Every barista has a signature piece they have perfected."

Baristas are Myra Perez, Crystal Salinas, Alexandra Beltran and Sara Rising.

Midtown Perk Baristas

Assistant Manager Jasmine Trevino said the staff was excited when they learned the coffee shop was nominated and even more excited when they learned they won.

“It's all about the customers. Thank you for the support throughout the year. We're a small local and veteran owned business,” said manager Juliana Valls. "Who would've thought that we'd win?"