Texas record voter turnout

Nueces Country Record Star

Dear Editor:

Texas experienced record voter turnout in the 2020 elections, showing how dedicated Texans are to exercising their right to vote and participating in our democracy. Unfortunately, many bills filed in the Texas Legislature this session fail to support voters. Instead, these bills call for barriers on when and how we can vote

Texans want our election system to be free, fair, and accessible to all eligible voters. Senate Bill 7 is a nightmare for democracy. It puts up many unnecessary barriers for voters, including voters who are disabled. It even allows poll watchers to intimidate voters by taking pictures at the polling place! Texas election officials have asserted that the 2020 elections were accurate.  Why make voting more complicated and inaccessible except to reduce the number of voters in Texas? Encouraging all eligible voters to participate in our elections should be the intention of all politicians.

Tell your legislators that you oppose SB 7.


Mariah Boone

Corpus Christi resident